March 18, 2019

Maple Syrup Project

Jackman's Maple Syrup Project is in full swing! On March 7, we tapped 7 trees in the schoolyard. It was an exciting day for everybody. A great reason to be outdoors.

We collected 64L of sap over the March break. And today, March 18th, we collected another 24L of sap. 88 litres in all! Wondering what tomorrow will bring. We will tap throughout this week and next week also. Check out this google doc to see the data we have collected...

Maple Sap Collection Data, 2019

Then, at the beginning of April, it will be time for... 'sugaring!' Turning our sap into yummy maple syrup. A long process of boiling down the sap. But that's ok, it's worth it. Can't wait for a taste of Jackman's maple syrup.

Here are some pics of Jackman's Maple Syrup Project.


March 08, 2019

An Interesting Quote

Check this out.  An interesting quote. How can we make this a reality?  

March 03, 2019

CN Tower Climb

Here's a great opportunity for Jackman staff, kids and families.  Climb the CN Tower with 'Team Jackman' on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

This special event is organized by WWF... World Wildlife Fund.  The funds raised during this climb will be used to support wildlife and their habitats. 

But wait... there are three things you need to know…
#1 - Kids have to be at least 3½ feet tall to climb. That's 107cm.
#2 - Kids need to climb with with an adult.
#3 - Every climber (kids & adults) need to fundraise $120 or more.
Interested? Want to sign up? It's easy. Go online to register. Here's the link... Select 'Register Today'. Then select 'Join a Team'. Search for 'Team Jackman' and click 'Join'!  Make a fundraising goal ($120 or more). Then follow through with all the registration requirements. The adult in the family should sign up first and then add kids afterwards. 

Once registration is done, it's time to start fundraising. Contact your relatives, neighbours and other people you know.  Tell them about WWF and about the CN Tower climb and ask them if they can sponsor you. You can also reach out to people you know via social media.  Online donations are best.  

Can’t climb with us? Consider donating to Team Jackman or to a climber you know.  Follow this link to Donate. 

Please follow Jackman’s Eco Blog for information and updates about this great adventure.  Got questions?  Feel free to email our team captain, Mr. Cressman 

February 18, 2019

WINTER Walk-To-School Day is Tomorrow!

Hey Jackman!  Did you remember?  Its WINTER WALK-TO-SCHOOL DAY TOMORROW!  Yep, we think kids should walk to school, even in the WINTER!  

We know that walking to school is good for you and it’s good for the environment too. Go ahead, leave the car at home.

To make this day extra special, we are serving HOT CHOCOLATE!  But be sure to walk to school with a reusable mug. We can only serve hot chocolate to kids who 'lug a mug'.  So, if I were you, I would remember to bring a mug.

We have lots of fun activities planned for you. So walk to school a little early. You won’t want to miss out on Jackman’s Winter Walk-To-School Day!

This message was brought to you by - Vera, Reya and Rayyan from the Jackman's Eco Team (the JETs).

February 11, 2019


Just one week until...  WINTER WALK-TO-SCHOOL Day @ Jackman!   We're excited!  Are you?  And this year, we’ve got a special treat to share with you. We're making HOT CHOCOLATE!!! With MARSHMALLOWS!!!  

But wait...  we want this to be a waste-free treat. So, we need you to bring a reusable mug or cup to school next Wednesday.  If you do, we will fill it with some yummy hot chocolate! So remember to LUG-A-MUG!

Can't wait for WINTER WALK-TO-SCHOOL day!  Bundle up and join us!

February 08, 2019

Winter Walk-to-School Day

At Jackman, we believe that WALKING to school is great!!!  WALKING to school is good for you, good for the environment and don't forget... it's a whole lot of fun!  So we encourage kids and families to WALK to school every day... EVEN IN WINTER!!!  Don't let a little snow and cold stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. 

Once again, Jackman's Eco Team is hosting a WINTER WALK-TO-SCHOOL DAY at school.  
It's on Wednesday, February 20th!

So WALK to school a little early on the 20th.  Jackman's Eco Team has planned some games and activities for you to enjoy before school.

Wait... there's one more thing.  We've got a special treat to share with you on Winter Walk-to-School Day!  And you guessed it... it's a 
WASTE-FREE treat!  We're making HOT CHOCOLATE!!!  And here's the waste-free part... we need everyone to bring a reusable mug or cup.  If you do, we will fill it with some yummy hot chocolate.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!


December 09, 2018

Jackman’s Waste Audit Results

We did it again.  Jackman’s Eco Team conducted another waste audit.  We saved all of Tuesday’s garbage to investigate on Wednesday.  The information we gathered is really important.  We will use it to create new waste reduction projects. 

Now what you’ve all been waiting for… the total mass of Tuesday’s garbage... drum roll please… 11 kg!!!  Wow!  Last year, we had 20 kg!   Six years ago, we had 36kg!  Now we're down to 11kg.  Impressive!  Our waste reduction strategies are working!   Here is a summary of what we found in Jackman’s garbage

Recyclables - about 1 kg (should have been recycled)
Some papers/paper scraps and one cardboard box
3 juice boxes and some other drink containers
Some plastic food containers (just rinse & recycle these)
Styrofoam containers (rinse and recycle these too)
Milk bags and plastic shopping bags (yes, even bags can be recycled)

Food Waste - about 1 kg (should have been eaten or composted)
Pizza crusts, bread, half-eaten granola bars
Fruit - an apple, some grapes
Fruit scraps - banana peels, orange peels, apple cores, pear core
Even some unopened/uneaten snacks
Paper Towels & Other Soiled Papers – about 2 kg
(should have been composted)
Lots of paper towels and tissues (put them in the city compost instead)
A few soiled paper plates

Real Garbage - a.k.a. LANDFILL - about 6 kg (4kg less than last year)
LOTS of snack and candy wrappers (What can we do to reduce this?)
11 single-use coffee cups
Craft materials (craft sticks, pipe cleaners)
Black plastic (unfortunately, black plastic cannot be recycled here in Toronto)
Broken glue guns and broken staplers
LOTS of photocopy carbons (RISO)
Latex gloves
Plastic straws

Reusables - about 1 kg (How did these get in the garbage?)
Pencils, markers, crayons, erasers, paper clips, elastic bands, glue sticks
Marbles and Lego
A silver spoon and silver fork
Ziploc snack bags (these can be reused)

Jackman’s Eco Team is very excited!  We will use this information to inspire our waste reduction ideas.  We want everyone to be more mindful about waste.  We aspire to be 100% eco-friendly in everything we do!