September 08, 2019

Water Bottles

Everyone at Jackman is encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to school every day. It can be filled with tap water at home and refilled at school when needed. 

Everyone knows that Toronto tap water is clean and tasty.  Better yet, it’s practically free. There’s no need to buy single-use plastic bottles. 

Oh, and remember… best drink ever… WATER!

Waste-Free Lunches (and Snacks)

We encourage Jackman families to send waste-free lunches (and snacks) to school as often as possible. The JETs (Jackman’s Eco Team) have some tips for you…

1. It all starts with a reusable lunch bag.
2. Place lunch foods and snacks in reusable containers. 
3. Send drinks to school in reusable containers as well.  Best drink ever… WATER!
4. Pack more home-prepared foods and fewer store-bought, pre-packaged foods.
5. Include more fresh fruits and veggies.
6. Reduce the use of disposable foil and plastic wrap.
7. Wash and reuse forks, spoons and Ziploc bags.

Boomerang Lunch

Garbage, Recycling and Compost containers are not available in the lunch room. Lunch bags with leftover food, reusable containers and disposable packaging will return home at the end of the day. That’s what we call, Boomerang Lunch. Here are the reasons why…

1. We want kids to eat food, not waste it.  Instead of throwing away uneaten food at school, kids can save it for later.

2. Kids also take unwanted food home. This is meant to spark a family conversation about food likes and dislikes. Changes to lunch menus may be needed.

3.  Packaging is also returned home to be thrown away.  Hopefully, it will trigger another conversation about reducing garbage and packing waste-free lunches.

July 18, 2019

'Garden Party' at Jackman

Jackman’s gardens need some summertime TLC! Some weeding, planting, harvesting, watering, cutting, composting, mulching and more.  

So, we’re planning a ‘Garden Party’ on Wednesday, July 24, 5 – 7 pm.  Jackman staff, parents and kids are all invited. Let’s work together to care for our school’s gardens. Many hands make light work. 

Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

RSVP by emailing Paul Cressman at

Note: Rain date will be Thursday, July 25. Check the Jackman Parent Facebook Page for updates.

July 10, 2019

Jackman's Garden

Well done Jackman kids, teachers and parents! Jackman's Veggie Garden is looking good!!! If you're in the neighbourhood, stop by and see for yourself. In the meantime, take a look at these garden pics.  Oh, and help yourself to some kale, swiss chard and lettuce. They're ready to harvest.  






June 12, 2019

Jackman Goes Platinum

Jackman’s Eco Team, a.k.a. the JETs, have been working hard to inspire teachers, students, parents and the community with our eco ideas and activities. 

When the Eco School auditor visited Jackman, she was very impressed with our comprehensive eco program. And she announced that, once again, we are a PLATINUM ECO SCHOOL! We scored an impressive 92.6 out of 100! That’s like getting an A+ on your report card.  Here’s a summary of our audit.

Jackman’s Strengths:
  • Organizing a strong Eco Team, including many very enthusiastic student leaders :-)
  • Promoting waste reduction at school and in the community
  • Contributing to our community’s health and well-being with activities like, Walk-to-School Week and Bike-to-School Week
  • Maintaining a green schoolyard and an impressive vegetable garden

Jackman’s Next Steps:
  • Reducing paper consumption at school
  • Ensuring proper sorting of garbage, recycling and compost
  • Working together to plan eco lessons in the classroom
  • Investigating environmental issues and creating change
  • Learning about energy conservation with the ‘Classroom Energy Diet Challenge’
  • Engaging Junior students in eco projects such as the ‘Planet in Focus’ film festival 

Way to go JETs! You are passionate leaders. You are making a difference. The school and community are better off because of you. Let’s do it again next year!