August 30, 2017

Waste-Free Lunches (and Snacks)

We encourage Jackman families to send eco-friendly lunches (and snacks) to school as often as possible.   Here are some ideas to consider…
1. Start with a reusable lunch bag. 
2. Pack lunch foods and snacks in reusable containers.  
3. Send drinks, like juice & water, in reusable containers as well. 
4. Here’s a good way to reduce waste… pack more home-prepared foods and fewer store-bought, individually packaged foods. 
5. Include more fresh fruits and veggies.  Cut them into kid-friendly portions and place in reusable containers.  
6. Reduce the use of disposables such as foil, plastic wrap and plastic spoons/forks.  
7. Another Tip:  Label lunch bags and containers with your child’s name so lost containers can find their way back home. 
At Jackman, we are committed to reducing waste!   Waste-Free Lunch is the way to go. 

Boomerang Lunch

Grab a dictionary and you will discover this...

A Boomerang:  A small throwing toy that is designed to return to the thrower.  

A Boomerang Lunch:   A lunch that is sent to school and then returns home at the end of the day.  It’s an important waste reduction strategy.   

Let me explain…

1,  Instead of ‘throwing out’ uneaten food at school, kids can save it to eat later.  Less waste.

2.  Similarly, kids also take home unwanted food. This is done to spark a family conversation about food likes and dislikes.  Changes to lunch menus may be needed so waste can be averted.  Less waste.

3.  Packaging is also returned to be recycled or thrown out at home. We hope it will trigger another conversation about reducing garage and packing waste-free lunches.  Less waste.

At Jackman, we are committed to making less garbage!  And boomerang lunch is a step in the right direction. 

August 14, 2017

Recycling Markers

At Jackman, we take recycling seriously.   Yes, we work hard to recycle the regular 'stuff', like paper, plastics and cans.  But we also go beyond. We discovered that Staples works together with a recycling company, TerraCycle.  And they've developed a program to recycle special items, like markers.  So, we've been saving our used markers all year long.  Thanks Staples for making this special effort.  I recently dropped the markers off at my local Staples store.  Three bags full.  Look...

August 10, 2017

Project Refill

Almost everyone at Jackman packs a reusable water bottle everyday for school. You see, we know that Toronto tap water tastes great.  We also know that plastic, disposable water bottles are not good for the environment (and a waste of money).   

Last spring, I applied to TDSB EcoSchools to get a water refill station at Jackman.   Project Refill.   In the application, I highlighted 10+ years of promoting reusable water bottles at school.  Of course, they were impressed with our eco efforts and awarded us a water refill station.

And so, this fall, Jackman kids and staff will be refilling their bottles in a brand new way. You're going to love it!

August 02, 2017

Giving Our Trees Some TLC

At Jackman, we LOVE trees!  And we've got lots of them!  Including many new trees, young trees.  But don't worry, we're taking good care of them.  We know young trees need lots of TLC - Tree Loving Care.  We've got them mulched.  A large ring of mulch is surrounding each tree.  And we water these trees regularly.  That is, when mother nature's not watering them.  And, as you know, Mother Nature's been very good to the trees this summer.   We're also looking into getting some treegators.  Stay tuned.

August 01, 2017

Never Looked Greener

It's been an amazing summer in the Jackman School Garden. We've got lots of lettuce and kale. There's tons of tomatoes.   Let's not forget the beans and peas.   Check out the zucchini. We're growing potatoes for the first time.  The corn's growing extremely well this year.  And something new... apple trees!  Our garden's never looked greener!   

Check out these pics -