June 07, 2016

Have I Got News For You!

At Jackman, the eco team has worked hard to engage teachers, students, parents and the community with our eco ideas and activities.   It's a lot of work, but well worth it.   We're making a difference...  there's no doubt about it.  

When the Eco School Auditor came to Jackman last month, he was certainly impressed with all of our eco efforts.   We've accomplished A LOT!   In the end, he gave us a report... and you know what that means...

Jackman is a PLATINUM Eco School once again!  Woo hoo!!!  

Our Score was 92 out of 100!  That's like getting an A+ on a math test.  Feels great, doesn't it?  

Here's the breakdown...
Leadership & Teamwork    14/15
Energy Conservation     20/22
Waste Minimization    13/14
Outdoor School Grounds    14/14 (a perfect score!)
Eco Learning in the Classroom   17/20
Working with the Community    14/15
The Auditor noted these Strengths:
  • Engaging the school with large eco projects
  • Looking at eco problems and creating eco team projects to target solutions
  • Involving parents and community with our eco ideas
Some Recommendations from our Eco School Auditor:
  •    Expand the Green Bin program to include paper towels
  •    Hold Earth Hour once a month instead of once a year
  •    Engage students with action projects about eco issues
Jackman’s Next Steps:
  • Reduce paper consumption!!!
  • Lights out in common areas!
  • Keep recyclables out of the garbage!!!
  • Teachers working together to plan eco lessons
  • Take environmental learning outside
So, that's that.   Another successful eco school year.   You did it, Jackman!   Shall we do it again next year?

June 05, 2016

Bike To School Week At Jackman

What a great week it was!  Bike to School Week was a huge success with lot of eager students and supportive families involved.  
  • On Monday, 145 bikers received bike stickers.  
  • On Tuesday, 200 bikers were treated to breakfast muffins.
  • On Wednesday, 215 bikers decorated their bikes with straws and ribbons.   A Jackman favourite.
  • On Thursday, 175 bikers received a bike safety booklet.   Here’s a pdf version of the booklet...
  • And finally, on Friday, 205 bikers entered a draw for a chance to win a bike helmet or a bike bell.  Congratulations to this year’s winners.   
Bike Week is officially over, still we hope that kids will continue to be excited about biking to school. 

Lesson learned… Leave the car at home and bike to school (and other places you need to travel).   It’s a great alternative to driving.  It's good exercise.   It’s an eco-friendly way to travel.   Less cars.

Now, all we need is some more bike racks at Jackman.   We’re working on it. 

Don’t worry walkers… we appreciate you too.   In September, we’ll celebrate you during our 'Walk to School Week' campaign.   

Here are some pics of Jackman's Bike to School Week...