June 22, 2017

Platinum Eco School

Jackman’s Eco Team has been working hard all year long.   Our mission?  To inspire teachers, students, parents and the community with our eco ideas and activities.  We're making a difference and we’re proud of it.  

When the Eco School auditor came to Jackman, she was very impressed with our comprehensive eco program.  In the end, she declared us a PLATINUM ECO SCHOOL once again!  We scored an impressive 93.4 out of 100!  That’s one of our highest scores ever. 

The Auditor noted our Strengths:
  • Maintaining a strong Eco Team
  • Promoting waste reduction & energy conservation
  • Engaging students with eco ideas in the classroom
  • Targeting our school’s eco problems with creative solutions
  • Engaging the school community with many eco activities
  • Maintaining a green schoolyard

Jackman’s Next Steps:
  • Reduce paper consumption at school
  • Keep recyclables out of the garbage 
  • Keep garbage out of the recycling
  • Continue to inspire families to pack waste-free lunches
  • Expand the Green Bin program into the washrooms
  • Teachers working together to plan eco lessons
  • Take environmental learning and inquiry outdoors
  • Promote eco ideas that support health and wellness

So, that's it.  We did it, Jackman!   Another successful Eco School year.  It’s time to be proud.  It’s time to celebrate.