November 22, 2014

Broccoli Band Project

Jackman’s Eco Team (a.k.a. the JETs) is here to tell you about a new project… the broccoli band project!!!   

A broccoli band is the thick rubber band used to hold your broccoli  together. 

Lots of people just toss them in the garbage.   We think that’s a total waste!  We’ve got to rethink what we put in the garbage.  They’ll just sit somewhere in a landfill taking years to decompose.   That’s not good!

So, here’s the plan... we would like you to save your broccoli bands.  Just send them in to the school.  The JETs will use them to make... rubber band balls.   FUN!!!

At school, you will find several boxes.  Just put your bands in there!   We’ll do the rest.   Together we’ll reduce garbage and have a whole lot of fun doing it.   

By Rayne, Nina and Mr. Cressman