June 04, 2015

Bike Week

Last week, Jackman celebrated it’s first Bike Week and it was a huge success.    Families were encouraged to leave their cars at home and bike to school instead.  The number of students biking to school more than doubled, with as many as 165 bikers some days.  We’ll definitely need some new bike racks if this trend continues.  Looks like we’re creating a new generation of bike enthusiasts.   

On Monday bikers were awarded with stickers and on Tuesday bikers enjoyed muffins.  Then, kids decorated their bikes with straws and ribbons on Wednesday.  On Thursday, many classes discussed bike safety and other bike ideas.  Finally, on Friday, bikers entered a contest to win 1 of 8 prizes.  Congratulations prize winners!   

And congratulations to all bikers!   You’ve chosen an eco-friendly, healthy way to travel to school.  Now, that’s something to celebrate.