January 25, 2017


At Jackman, we continue to encourage everyone to MAKE LESS GARBAGE!  One way to do that is to sort waste properly.  In classrooms and many other areas of the school, waste sorting is going very well.  Still, there’s one big problem – the waste at the north and south entrance doors at the back of the school.  For some reason, kids (and adults) who use these doors seem to forget about proper recycling and garbage. For years, Jackman’s Eco Team has been making posters and announcements to remind everyone about what can and cannot be recycled.   But some people are still getting it wrong.  Thanks to the RECYLCE POLICE, we’ve got some more help!  Today, I am interviewing 3 of our ‘police officers’: Ava, Marilisa and Elizabeth.

Question:   I see you’ve joined Jackman’s Recycle Police.   What does your job involve? 
Marilisa:  We reward kids who put their waste in the right place.   We teach kids about proper recycling.  We also sort through the garbage and recycling (with gloves, of course). 

Question:  What are some problems you have encountered on the job?
Elizabeth:  There are some kids who leave juice in their juice boxes.   And there are many coffee cups with coffee still in them.  It gets very messy.

Question.  What advice would you like to give to Jackman kids?
Ava:  Kids need to remember that snack wrappers never go in the recycling.  They always go in the garbage.

Question:  What advice would you like to give to Jackman adults?  
Marilisa:  Adults needs to remember to drink their entire coffee and put disposable coffee cups in the garbage.  Coffee cups CANNOT be recycled.

Question:  What advice would you give to everybody?  
Ava:  Pack waste free snacks for school.  
Elizabeth:   Yah!  Reusable containers are best.   
Marilisa:   Try it!  It’s easy!

That’s a wrap.   Thank you, POLICE officers!   We appreciate all that you do to keep Jackman accountable with sorting waste properly.