March 31, 2016

Energy Audit

One Tuesday this week, Mr. Cressman, Sage, Mae, Tess and Sydney did a energy audit at Jackman.   We secretly spied on empty rooms to make sure the lights were turned off.  We also checked the computers and other electronics to see if they were wasting energy.   Here’s what we learned...
  • Most classrooms had their lights turned off when no one was in the room!  Impressive!
  • Some classes even had the lights off when they were in the room.   They used daylight (from windows) instead of electric lights.  Great idea!  
  • Some classes turn on half the lights instead of all the lights.  That’s a step in the right direction.  
  • Our VP turned off his office overhead lights and used a small, energy-efficient desk lamp instead.  Bravo, M. Frenette.   
  • The 3rd floor kid washrooms have light switches.  Sometimes they’re turned off, sometimes not.   Most of the time, the staff washrooms had the lights turned off.
  • Shared rooms (kitchen, staffroom and copy room) sometimes had lights turned off, sometimes not. We can do better!
  • Gym lights are often left on.  Maybe we can convince the gym teachers to consider turning the lights out when possible.  
  • We could use some ‘fresh’ signs to remind everyone to turn lights off.
  • Luckily, our computers are all set to go to sleep or stand-by when they are not being used.   But get this... we learned how to change the power options for computers in the control panel. We can make our computers even more energy efficient.  We should teach everyone how to do this.  
  • Computer monitors were consistently left on in most classrooms.  We could conserve energy with a simple touch of a button (especially at night).
  • Other electronics were investigated - pencil sharpeners, printers, Smartboards, fans and cd players. They could be turned off (or unplugged) more often.
  • There's a laptop cart (with many old computers) stored in room 215.   It’s plugged in.  We can hear it sucking up energy.  Does anyone still use these laptops?  Can we charge them more strategically?  We need to figure this out.  
In just half a day, we learned so much about energy at Jackman. We're doing well, but are challenging ourselves to do even better.  You can do it Jackman!

March 30, 2016

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup season has come and gone.   In just one week, we collected 97 litres of sap from Jackman's maple trees.   From that, we made more than 2 ½ litres of maple syrup.   

And the best part of all... PANCAKES!    Last week, there were pancakes for everyone at Jackman.   Pancakes dripping in our freshly made maple syrup.   We enjoyed the sweet taste of our success.  Here are some pics...

Many thanks to Darwin and the rest of the Outdoor Education Committee for supporting this project.   Can't wait until next season!

March 10, 2016

'Sugaring Off'

We had a busy week collecting sap.  All in all, we collected nearly 100 litres of sap... much more than we expected... take a look...

On Wednesday, it was time for 'sugaring off'.   We spent a whole day boiling the sap.  Thanks Darwin.  The water slowly evaporated leaving a sweet surprise.  

Many classes came out to learn about maple syrup collection.  The whole school was engaged.   

An here's what we were waiting for....  a sweet reward...

Wait.  There's more.   More sap to boil.   More syrup to be made.   And of course a pancake waiting to be devoured.  

March 09, 2016

Earth Hour

Mark your calendar... Earth Hour is early this year....  Saturday, March 19 - 8:30 - 9:30pm. 

We hope lots of families will participate in this eco event.   Although it's just one hour, it's an important reminder to us about our need to reduce our energy consumption.   It's also a reminder about the impact of energy consumption on the global warming and climate change.  For more information about Earth Hour, visit these links... 

WWF Earth Hour

Earth Hour

You Tube / Earth Hour

FYI - Earth Hour will be celebrated at Jackman (and many TDSB schools) on Friday, March 11 in the afternoon.   Many classes will be powering down to experience learning in a different atmosphere.   We'll also be holding an Earth Hour Parade.   It's good fun for a good cause.    

For Coffee Lovers

coffee cup.jpg
Hello Jackman adults!  I was wondering… do you like coffee?   And where do you get your coffee?   Starbucks?  Tim Hortons?  McDonalds?   You probably get your coffee in a disposable cup, don’t you?   Most people do.   Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of disposing their cup in a recycling bin.   Well, the truth is, these cups actually go in the garbage.  Well, you can recycle the lid and the paper sleeve, but not the cup.  So get it right Jackman!   Put your garbage in the right place.  And tell your friends as well.  

coffee cup2.jpgBy the way... here’s a better solution.   Don’t bother using a disposable cup.  Instead, take along a reusable coffee cup every time you visit your favourite coffee shop. No garbage required.

For more information about what you can and can’t recycle, please check out Toronto Waste Wizard.

Written by JETs star member, Sage

March 07, 2016

Maple Sap Update

We were excited about the 18 litres of sap that was collected over the weekend.   Yet today proved to be even more exciting.  We discovered lots of sap gathering in our buckets and collected an impressive 30 litres of sap.   Woo hoo!   That's 48 L of sap in total.   Now we're wondering what Tuesday will bring.   Be sure to take a peek when you arrive at school Tuesday morning.   
News flash:  Wednesday is going to be 'Sugaring Off' Day.   We're going to boil down the sap to make... MAPLE SYRUP.   Can't wait to taste nature's sweetness.  

Here are some pics of today's sap collection.

March 05, 2016

Tapping Trees

We did it again!   We tapped our schoolyard maple trees!!!    We've been eagerly waiting for just the right temperatures.   As it turned out, the temperatures were perfect this weekend.   We got right to work.   We tapped several trees on Friday.  Then, on Saturday, more than 6 litres of sap was collected.   Off to a good start.   On Sunday, we expect even more!   

Unfortunately, the forecast for the next couple weeks are calling for mild temperatures everyday.   For sap to flow, we need daily fluctuating temperatures - below 0°C at night, and above 0°C during the day.   It may be a couple weeks before we get more sap (that is, if we get any at all).   Still, it's all good learning and good fun.   

If you're out in the neighbourhood this week, drop by Jackman school and take a peek.   You'll be glad you did.

Here are a few pics of Friday afternoon's tapping event.