March 25, 2018

Everyone Loves a Parade

At Jackman we know that everyone loves a parade.  On Friday, we held our annual Earth Hour parade.  Hundreds of kids parading around the neighbourhood in support of Earth Hour.  Hundreds of kids committed to changing climate change.   Here are some pics of the big event.  

March 23, 2018

Earth Hour

The students in room 209 researched Earth Hour.   They wrote this report to share with you.

What?  Your electricity bill is too high?   I know how we can fix that! Participate in Earth Hour!!!  Just power down for one hour on Saturday evening. You will learn how easy it is. Soon you’ll be powering down more often and your electricity bill will be shrinking.  Do you know what else will be shrinking? Climate Change!!!! And everyone knows how important that is.  Let’s learn more about this exciting event.  

You may be wondering... what is Earth Hour is all about?  The idea began in 2007 with 2 million people turning off their lights in Sydney, Australia.   It soon spread to countries all around the world. It always happens in late March, around the time of the Spring and Autumn Equinox.  It used to be called, the Big Flick, because everyone was encouraged to ‘flick off’ their lights. Now it’s called Earth Hour, because people are helping the Earth in many ways.  We hope you will participate in this year’s Earth Hour, a.k.a., the Big Flick. 

If you think Earth Hour isn’t a big deal, think again.   It’s actually really important. Scientists know that climate change is threatening our Earth and we MUST do something about it.  Earth Hour is about raising awareness about climate change. Earth Hour isn’t just about turning off lights for one hour every year. It gives us an opportunity to think about how we can help the Earth during the other 8759 hours of the year. If we all do it, and do it more often, it will make a big difference.  So, yes, it is a big deal. 

If you and family decide to participate in Earth Hour, here are some suggestions about what you can do to make your evening a huge success.  You can go outside for a walk and watch the city and neighbourhood lights darken at 8:30. Or you can go outside to watch the stars. You can have dinner by candlelight.   You can read by candlelight. Actually, you can do all kinds of things by candlelight - play games, perform puppet shows and tell stories & jokes. Just don’t watch TV. You see, Earth Hour can be a whole lot of family fun! 

Now you know all about Earth Hour.   Share these ideas with you friends, family and neighbours.  Together we can change climate change. And maybe change your electricity bill too.   :-)

March 20, 2018

Earth Hour

On Friday, March 23, we will celebrate Earth Hour at Jackman.  It will start with an Earth Hour Parade around the neighbourhood.  Then Earth Hour will continue inside the school, as we turn off lights and other electronics from 2 - 3 pm.  Some classes may even go powerless all afternoon. 

We'd like to encourage Jackman families to participate in the global Earth Hour on Saturday night.  People all around the world will power down for one hour on Saturday night.  And so should you.  Make a family fun night...light some candles, play some board games or go for a night walk. You can reduce energy usage and have doing it.

So, you may be thinking... what's the big deal?  Earth Hour is just one hour!  What about the other 8759 hours in the year?  Does one hour really make a difference?  

We say, YES!!!  Earth Hour, while just being one hour, encourages everyone to think and talk about energy conservation.  It's our yearly reminder to make a change.   To take some action.  To commit to turning off lights and other electronics as much as possible.  Our Earth is counting on it.  Together we can change Climate Change.   

March 19, 2018

Maple Syrup Project - Update

Wow! What an incredible season for making maple syrup! The trees at Jackman have been very generous this year.   And the temperatures have been ‘just right’. Below zero degrees Celcius in the nighttime, above zero in the daytime. We’ve collected more than 350 L of maple sap this year. That's a new record by far.   (Last year, we collected 215L).

Well, it's time to transform all this sap into... maple syrup. Mark your calendars. We'll be 'sugaring' at Jackman on Monday, March 26. We will be boiling the sap down at school throughout the whole day to make maple syrup.

Actually, Darwin is already ‘sugaring’ in his backyard, so we’ll have some syrup ready for tasting.  And a number of Jackman parent volunteers are making lots of small pancakes to pair with the freshly made syrup. Yep, that’s right. There will be pancakes for EVERYONE! Yeah!!!!

Please drop by Jackman on Sugaring Day and see the maple syrup making in action and sample this sweet treat.   We're excited about providing Jackman kids with this unique 'outdoor education’ experience.  

Here are some sap collecting pics...