March 20, 2018

Earth Hour

On Friday, March 23, we will celebrate Earth Hour at Jackman.  It will start with an Earth Hour Parade around the neighbourhood.  Then Earth Hour will continue inside the school, as we turn off lights and other electronics from 2 - 3 pm.  Some classes may even go powerless all afternoon. 

We'd like to encourage Jackman families to participate in the global Earth Hour on Saturday night.  People all around the world will power down for one hour on Saturday night.  And so should you.  Make a family fun night...light some candles, play some board games or go for a night walk. You can reduce energy usage and have doing it.

So, you may be thinking... what's the big deal?  Earth Hour is just one hour!  What about the other 8759 hours in the year?  Does one hour really make a difference?  

We say, YES!!!  Earth Hour, while just being one hour, encourages everyone to think and talk about energy conservation.  It's our yearly reminder to make a change.   To take some action.  To commit to turning off lights and other electronics as much as possible.  Our Earth is counting on it.  Together we can change Climate Change.   

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