October 27, 2018

JETs to the Rescue!

Just like true superheroes... Jackman's Eco Team (a.k.a. the JETs) saved the day!  The Harvest Festival day, that is.  

You see, we've been dreaming of a waste-free school event... one in which we create little (or no) garbage.  But for some reasons, everyone's common sense goes out the window at big events like this.  Waste just get tossed in any container with very little care.

Da-da-da-da!!!  JETs to the rescue!!!  Our eco kids took shifts at the waste sorting stations throughout the entire evening.  They helped everyone sort their waste properly.  We had a blue bin to recycle empty lemonade cups.   We even had a system to empty the ice, lemons and paper straws from the cups before recycling.  We also had a green bin to compost food waste, lemons, napkins, paper bowls, paper straws, popcorn bags and more.  We even saved the plastic spoons so they could be washed and reused.

Here's a story for you...  When superhero Natalie witnessed a man carelessly throwing his chili bowl and spoon in the recycling, she called him back.  "Excuse me... Excuse me... EXCUSE ME!  You're chili bowl can't go in the recycling!  Paper bowls and food waste should be composted in the green bin.  And your plastic spoon goes here so it can be washed and reused."   So, the man fixed his mistake and apologized.   Natalie says, "That's better! Thanks!"

Although we didn't collect official measurement data, I estimate that at least 90% of our Harvest Festival waste was diverted from landfill. That's impressive!   Way to go Jackman!

And way to go JETs.  We couldn't have done it without you.  You set a good example for everyone in our school and community.  You're our super heroes!  Let's do it again at Jackman's Spring Fair!


October 25, 2018

Waste-Free Festival

It's finally here!  Jackman's Harvest Festival!!!  Woo hoo!

And this year, we're hoping to make this a WASTE-FREE event!  And Jackman's ECO TEAM kids will be there to help you sort your waste properly.    

The lemonade cups can be emptied and recycled! 
The food waste can be composted!
So can the napkins, paper bowls and paper straws! 
Popcorn bags can also be tossed in the green bin!
Lemons & apples cores can be composted too!
The plastic spoons & forks will be washed and reused!

Hopefully there's nothing left to go in the garbage cans! 

You see, at Jackman, we take the 3 R's seriously.   We try to REDCUE, REUSE and RECYCLE as much as we can.   Thank you Eco Team for being bold leaders.  You're teaching everyone how to reduce garbage.   You set a good example for our community.  

October 17, 2018

Jackman's Harvest Festival

Guess what!?!?   It's time for Jackman's favourite fall family event... the Harvest Festival!!!   Here’s what you need to know.   It's coming soon... next Friday evening - October 26th from 5:30 - 8:00pm.

There's lots to do and lots to eat.  Here are some of my festival favourites...
- yummy homemade chili - fresh-squeezed lemonade - hot dogs too - delicious baked goods- used books for sale - pumpkins for sale - scarecrows everywhere - music and dancing - free-cycle - and much more!!!
And again this year, we're doing everything we can to make Harvest Festival a Waste-Free Event!  Jackman's Eco Team (the JETs) will be there to help you sort your waste properly.  Go JETs! 

Let us know if you can help out.  Make a pot of chili.  Make some cookies, cupcakes, brownies or other baked goods for the bake sale.  Drop off used books.   Drop off used costumes and sports goods for free-cycle.     

October 15, 2018

Walk to School Week - Another Update

Walk to School Week at Jackman was a HUGE success!!!   There were lots of enthusiastic walkers every day!   And every day we celebrated walking with an special activity - stickers, snacks, drawing and prizes.

You may be wondering... just how many kids are walking to school?   Well, we did the math!  We collected data to find out just how many walkers we have at Jackman.  We surveyed 650 kids on Friday and found that 471 kids usually walk to school.  That's an impressive 72%.  Another 10% of kids usually bike to school.    3% of kids take the school bus or TTC.  That leaves just 15% of Jackman kids being driven to school.   

Thank you to Jackman's Eco Team... the JETs!   You were great leaders!   You communicated well about this special week.   You helped out every day!   Most importantly, you helped remind everyone the importance of walking to school.  It's healthy, it's fun, and it's 100% Eco Friendly.  Way to go team!

October 08, 2018

Walk-To-School Week - Update

It's finally here!  The week you've all been waiting for!  It's Walk-To-School Week!!!   And at Jackman, we're celebrating BIG time!   

On Tuesday, walkers will be greeted by our friendly eco team and offered a cool walk-to-school sticker.   

On Wednesday, walkers will be provided with a special snack - fresh local apples, sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar.

On Thursday, there will be a special art activity in front of the school.  Walkers are encouraged to walk to school a little early to participate. 

And to wrap things up on Friday, walkers will enter a draw to win a special prize... one of Mr. Cressman's world-famous chocolate chip cookies.   Yum!  Good luck, walkers!  

Walking to school has never been better!   It's good exercise!   So healthy!  It's a lot of fun!   And best of all, it's a 100% eco-friendly!   Good for you... good for the environment.