October 25, 2018

Waste-Free Festival

It's finally here!  Jackman's Harvest Festival!!!  Woo hoo!

And this year, we're hoping to make this a WASTE-FREE event!  And Jackman's ECO TEAM kids will be there to help you sort your waste properly.    

The lemonade cups can be emptied and recycled! 
The food waste can be composted!
So can the napkins, paper bowls and paper straws! 
Popcorn bags can also be tossed in the green bin!
Lemons & apples cores can be composted too!
The plastic spoons & forks will be washed and reused!

Hopefully there's nothing left to go in the garbage cans! 

You see, at Jackman, we take the 3 R's seriously.   We try to REDCUE, REUSE and RECYCLE as much as we can.   Thank you Eco Team for being bold leaders.  You're teaching everyone how to reduce garbage.   You set a good example for our community.  

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