March 11, 2015

Jackman's Maple Syrup Project

Guess what?!?!   We've been tapping the maple trees in the school yard and we will soon be collecting sap to make real maple syrup.  Several Jackman classes are involved in the project but the whole school seems excited.

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the right temperatures and they're finally here.   Bye-bye winter… hello spring!   We have learned that sap flows best when daytime temperatures rise about 4˚C and nighttime temperature falls below 0˚C.

Many thanks to Darwin, Claudia, Helen, Lisa the rest of the Garden Crew for helping make Tuesday's tree tapping a huge success.

Don't be surprised if your kids start refusing 'table syrup' on their Eggos… because there's nothing better than all natural maple syrup.

Stay tuned for more maple syrup news.