July 19, 2018

Garden Party

Jackman’s gardens need a little summertime TLC!  Weeding, planting, harvesting, watering, cutting, composting, mulching and more.  

So, we’re planning a ‘Garden Party’ on Tuesday, July 24, 5 – 7 pm.  

Jackman staff, parents and kids are all invited.  Let’s work together to care for our school’s gardens.  Many hands make light work.  

Snacks and drinks will be provided.  I'll even make a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies!

RSVP by emailing... paul.cressman@tdsb.on.ca

June 26, 2018

Jackman's Vegetable Garden

Have you seen it yet?  Jackman's vegetable garden is looking GREAT!   Drop by and take a peek!   A special thanks to teachers and classes involved in planting and caring for Jackman's garden this year.  The garden has never looked better.  It's watered nearly every day.  Kids love watering.   Kids love weeding too.  Check out these garden pics...

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June 24, 2018

Platinum Eco School Once Again

Jackman’s Eco Team has been working hard all year long.  Our mission?  To inspire teachers, students, parents and the community with our eco ideas and activities.  We're passionate about making a difference in our school and beyond.    

When the Eco School Auditor came to Jackman, she was very impressed with our comprehensive eco program.   She has confirmed that we are, once again, a PLATINUM ECO SCHOOL!    We scored an impressive 93.8 out of 100!   That's our highest score ever!  

Jackman's strengths:
Strong Eco Team leadership - Go JETs!
Effective communication of our Eco ideas
Effective communication of our Eco ideasStrong commitment to reducing wasteComprehensive organic waste programCreative programs to confront Eco issuesMany inspiring events, like Bike to School Week & Bag2SchoolAnd of course, our beautiful, well-maintained school gardens
Jackman's Next Steps:
Reduce paper consumption at schoolKeep recyclables out of the garbage binsKeep garbage out of the recycling binsContinue to inspire families to pack waste-free lunches and snacksLook for new ways to minimize energy useTeachers work together to implement Eco lessons and learningPromote Eco ideas that support health and wellnessPartner with local schools, businesses and organizations

We did it!  Congratulations are in order.  Another successful year for Jackman's Eco Team!  Let's do it again next year!  Who's in?