January 31, 2018

Interesting Quote

Here's an interesting quote for you...

"Good intentions and expressions of concern are not enough.  Protecting the environment is the most serious challenge we face today.  Every Canadian can and must get involved, not just today, but every day."

Dr. Roberta Bondar
(Canadian Scientist / Astronaut)

January 28, 2018

Plastic Microbeads

Did you know that plastic microbeads and microfibers are plaguing our Oceans?  But wait... Did you know they're also causing trouble right here, in our Great Lakes?   It's time to do something about this issue.  Check out these short, informative videos, by the creators of The Story of Stuff.  Prepare to be inspired.

Story of Microbeads   

Story of Microfibers

January 22, 2018

Winter Walk-To-School Day

Don't let winter get you down!   Get outdoors and enjoy it!  We'd like to encourage everyone to Walk to School... even in winter! 

So, at Jackman, we're joining schools all across Canada on Winter Walk-To School Day!   It's a day to celebrate everyone who walks to school, even in winter, especially in winter.   It's also a day to encourage more kids and families to get involved.   

Walking to school is eco friendly, great exercise and a whole lot of fun.   

Winter Walk-To- School Day is on Wednesday, February 7.   Plan to arrive at school a little and join in the festivities!

January 14, 2018

Battery Recycling

Are your batteries running out of power?  Don’t throw them in the garbage!  And don’t recycle them in your blue bin either.  

They need to be set aside for a special recycling!  

At School, you can drop them off in room 215.   We’ll make sure they get to the right place.

At home, save them in a bag or container, then drop them off at one of Toronto's Drop Off Depots.  The Depot closest to Jackman is at 400 Commissioners St. (open Monday - Friday 6am - 6pm).   They'll take batteries and other household hazardous waste and your electronic waste too.  

Batteries recycling can also be found at participating Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, The Source, and Staples stores.    You can also take batteries to Evergreen Brickworks!  Given there are so many drop off locations for recycling, there's no excuse for not recycling batteries.   

P.S.   Have you considered investing in rechargeable batteries?