October 31, 2017

Bear Paw Cookie Challenge

Jackman's Eco Team knows that the key to waste reduction is making more homemade snacks instead of store-bought, packaged snacks.  And that got us thinking... What's the big deal with packaged snacks anyway?  Do they taste better?   We decided to put our question to the test.   We called it... the Bear Paw Cookie Challenge.  

At recess, all week long, we gave Jackman kids an opportunity to taste a Bear Paw cookie and a homemade cookie (courtesy of Mr. Cressman).  We asked, "Which cookie did you prefer?"  

Here are the results from last week’s Bear Paw Cookie Challenge.  In total, there were 345 kids were tested.   69 kids chose bear paws as their favourite cookie.   And an incredible 276 chose homemade cookies!   Wow… that’s 80% of Jackman kids choosing homemade cookies.  That means 8 out of 10 kids prefer homemade cookies.  

We think Jackman families should consider baking cookies more often.   We know it takes more time, but we think it's worth the effort.  Homemade cookies are very tasty!   And totally waste free!   Not to mention, they’re so much fun to make.   Why not make it a family baking experience?  Everyone can participate.  

And to encourage more home baking, Mr. Cressman has shared his delicious cookie recipe with Jackman families.  You’ll find his recipe on our new eco blog, wastefreejackman.blogspot.ca  -  Mr. Cressman's Cookie Recipe  This eco blog will have lots of recipes and ideas for waste free lunches and snacks.    

More baking, less garbage!   :-)

October 24, 2017


Announcing, our brand new eco blog... 


At Jackman, we strive to do whatever we can to 'make less garbage'.  We reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.   We're big fans of composting too.   

So, we have created a new eco blog to help kids and families discover some exciting new waste-free lunch and snack ideas.

We will also share some easy, delicious, homemade recipes with you.  We believe that homemade food is tasty, fun to make, healthy and best of all... waste-free!

Bookmark this blog and check it regularly.  Better yet, subscribe to the blog so you can get an email every time we post something new.  

Let's work together to reduce waste at Jackman.

October 23, 2017

Fall Colours

Have you noticed the Jackman Schoolyard lately?  It's changing!   The fall colours are coming out.    Check out these pics (or better yet, come for a visit to see for yourself).

October 22, 2017

Harvest Festival

Guess what!?!?   It's that special time of year again...  Jackman's favourite fall family event... the Harvest Festival!!!  It's a time to celebrate Jackman's gardening, greening and other eco-friendly practices.

Heres what you need to know.   It's coming soon... this Friday evening.  That's October 27th from 5:30 - 8:00pm.

There's lots to do and lots to eat.  Here are some of my favourites.

- lots of yummy homemade chili

- tasty fresh squeezed lemonade
- hot dogs too
- delicious baked goods for sale
- used books for sale
- pumpkins for sale
- class-made scarecrows everywhere
- you're going to love the music and dancing
- freecycle
- apple bobbing
- crafts

And again this year, we're doing everything we can to make Harvest Festival a Waste-Free Event.   Please recycle and compost properly.  Jackman's eco team will be there to help you sort your waste.   

Let us know if you can help out.  Make a pot of chili to donate.  Make some cookies or other baked goods for the bake sale.   Drop off used books or items for freecycle.     

October 12, 2017

Garden and City Compost

At Jackman we take waste reduction seriously.  We reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can.  But we don't stop there.   We compost!   We have two compost programs at jackman... the garden compost and the city compost.

Garden Compost -  For years, we've been collecting fruit and veggies scraps for our garden compost.   Over time, these fruit and veggie scraps turn into nutrient-rich compost which we use in our schoolyard gardens.  Less waste, healthy gardens.  Win-win!

City Compost -   Jackman is now fully participating in Toronto's green bin program.   We've got small bins in every classroom.  We encourage kids to compost paper towels and tissues.   We have green bins in every washroom too.   Perfect for keeping paper towels out of the garbage.   We also have green bins in the daycare rooms and staff rooms.  Perfect for collecting food and other organic waste.

Just remember these compost rules...  
#1.  Only fruit and veggies in our garden compost.   No sandwiches, no noodles, no cookies.  You get the picture.  Just fruit and veggies.
#2   Don't put any garbage in the city and garden compost bins.   Garbage doesn't compost.
#3   Eat your food, don't waste it.   Composting food is good but eating food is best.


October 11, 2017

Waste Free Lunch

Jackman's Eco Team would like to encourage you to pack waste-free lunches and snacks more often.  Here are some ideas to get you started... 
  • Pack all your food in reusable containers. 
  • Bring water to school in a reusable water bottle.  
  • Also bring juice to school in reusable containers. 
  • Bake homemade snacks instead of store-bought snacks.  
  • Remember, new recipes are just a Google search away. 
  • Reuse Ziploc bags. 
  • Reusable lunch bags are best.
  • Pack reusable forks and spoons.
  • Our motto - Less disposable…more reusable.
  • Remember… fresh fruit is waste free. And yummy.
  • Try a cloth napkin instead of a paper napkin.
  • Try not to use foil and plastic wrap for food.
Spread the word!  Let’s make our world a waste-free place.

October 09, 2017

Homemade Cookies

I’ve noticed a lot of kids eating Bear Paws snacks lately. I’ve also noticed a lot of Bear Paws wrappers littered in the schoolyard.  And it’s got me wondering, what’s the big deal with Bear Paws anyway?   Why are they so popular?  

Then I saw this Bear Paw Advertisement…

This company is suggesting that kids have more fun with Bear Paws Cookies.   Could it be true?   I don’t think so.  I think there’s something way more fun than a Bear Paw cookie.  BAKING YOUR OWN COOKIES!  

I’d encourage more kids and families to try some good old fashioned baking.  What a great way to spend some family time together.  You’ll be surprised at how fun it is.  Not to mention, it’s practically waste-free.  

Best of all, homemade cookies taste soooo much better.   We know.   We’ve done blindfolded taste tests.   And kids choose homemade cookies over Bear Paw cookies, every time.   

Why not set some time aside next weekend to bake some cookies at home.   You’ll be glad you did.

October 04, 2017

Be A Garbage Superhero

Hey Jackman,  we need some Garbage Super Heroes?  Are you up for the job?

You see, when we throw away our garbage, it doesn't just disappear like magic.  It just goes somewhere else.  It travels in a truck 2 1/2 hours away to a landfill near London, Ontario.  Problem is, Toronto's landfill is filling up, fast.  We've got to do something.   But what?

Well, at school, at home and in our community, we need to MAKE... LESS... GARBAGE!  Yep, that’s our job.   It’s our responsibility.  It’s our challenge.    How?  It's easy!  Just REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE as much as you can.   

REDUCE-  We can make less garbage by making good decisions about what we buy and use.  Your snack wrappers, for example, create garbage.  Try to reduce buying and using packaged snacks.  

REUSEMany things we buy and use are disposable... they're used once and then thrown away.  We need to use less disposables and more reusables.  Reusables are used over, and over, and over again.  Consider reusables when you're bringing water, juice, coffee, lunch and snack foods to school.  

RECYCLE - Luckily, here in Toronto, we have lots of recycling options.  At school we recycle paper products and plastic containers.  But make sure you don't put your snack wrappers and coffee cups in the recycling.   They don't belong there.   Also, please make sure your plastic containers are rinsed clean before recycling them.  It's your responsibility to educate yourself about what can and cannot be recycled.  

Put your mind to it, and you too can become a Garbage Super Hero!   And our world will be a better place because of it. 

October 03, 2017

Walk To School Week Events

Join us for Walk-To-School Week – October 10 - 13.  It’s a week to celebrate everyone who walks to school regularly.  Also, we’d like to encourage more kids and families to get involved. 

Walk to school a little bit early each morning so you can participate in these special events...

Tuesday morning… Stickers! We’ve got special stickers for every walker.  A great way to celebrate the beginning of ‘Walk To School’ Week!  

Wednesday morning… Sidewalk Art!  The Eco Team will be scattered around the school block.  They will have sidewalk chalk to share with you.  Draw a picture or write a ‘Walk to School’ message on the sidewalk.

Thursday morning… Snacks!  Walk to school this morning and we’ll have a fresh fruit snack waiting for you.  There’s nothing better than fresh fruit.  It’s a healthy snack.  And better yet… it’s garbage free!

Friday morning… Dance Party! – Walkers are invited to join us in the school yard for a dance party.   Walk to school, then enjoy music and dancing with your friends.

Walking to school is great exerciseeco- friendly and a whole lot of fun!  
So, come on everybody.  Walking to school has never been better!!!