November 19, 2015

Jackman’s Eco Team (a.k.a. The JETs)

Hey Kids, 

At Jackman, being ECO is something we’re always thinking and talking about.  Our new motto is, ‘Every Day is Earth Day at Jackman!‘ -  La journée de la terre, chaque jour!  

Of course, being ECO doesn’t happen by accident… it happens because we make it happen.  To tell you the truth, it’s a lot of hard work.  And that’s where you come in... we need some students to be Jackman’s ECO leaders.  

Jackman’s Eco Team will meet every Wednesday at 12 o’clock to work on various ECO projects.   

Are you interested?   If so, pick up a ‘job application’ today.  Looking forward to working with you.

               Mr. Cressman