October 15, 2018

Walk to School Week - Another Update

Walk to School Week at Jackman was a HUGE success!!!   There were lots of enthusiastic walkers every day!   And every day we celebrated walking with an special activity - stickers, snacks, drawing and prizes.

You may be wondering... just how many kids are walking to school?   Well, we did the math!  We collected data to find out just how many walkers we have at Jackman.  We surveyed 650 kids on Friday and found that 471 kids usually walk to school.  That's an impressive 72%.  Another 10% of kids usually bike to school.    3% of kids take the school bus or TTC.  That leaves just 15% of Jackman kids being driven to school.   

Thank you to Jackman's Eco Team... the JETs!   You were great leaders!   You communicated well about this special week.   You helped out every day!   Most importantly, you helped remind everyone the importance of walking to school.  It's healthy, it's fun, and it's 100% Eco Friendly.  Way to go team!

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