March 09, 2016

Earth Hour

Mark your calendar... Earth Hour is early this year....  Saturday, March 19 - 8:30 - 9:30pm. 

We hope lots of families will participate in this eco event.   Although it's just one hour, it's an important reminder to us about our need to reduce our energy consumption.   It's also a reminder about the impact of energy consumption on the global warming and climate change.  For more information about Earth Hour, visit these links... 

WWF Earth Hour

Earth Hour

You Tube / Earth Hour

FYI - Earth Hour will be celebrated at Jackman (and many TDSB schools) on Friday, March 11 in the afternoon.   Many classes will be powering down to experience learning in a different atmosphere.   We'll also be holding an Earth Hour Parade.   It's good fun for a good cause.