August 30, 2017

Waste-Free Lunches (and Snacks)

We encourage Jackman families to send eco-friendly lunches (and snacks) to school as often as possible.   Here are some ideas to consider…
1. Start with a reusable lunch bag. 
2. Pack lunch foods and snacks in reusable containers.  
3. Send drinks, like juice & water, in reusable containers as well. 
4. Here’s a good way to reduce waste… pack more home-prepared foods and fewer store-bought, individually packaged foods. 
5. Include more fresh fruits and veggies.  Cut them into kid-friendly portions and place in reusable containers.  
6. Reduce the use of disposables such as foil, plastic wrap and plastic spoons/forks.  
7. Another Tip:  Label lunch bags and containers with your child’s name so lost containers can find their way back home. 
At Jackman, we are committed to reducing waste!   Waste-Free Lunch is the way to go. 

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