October 09, 2016

Garden Compost / City Compost

At Jackman, we've been composting for years.  We've been collecting apple cores, banana peels and other fruit and veggie scraps in silver buckets and carting them out to the school yard where we have 3 large compost containers.   That's where our 'garbage' transforms into beautiful rich soil.  It's nature's way of composting.  We call this Jackman's Garden Compost!  It's a win-win situation.   We win because we make less garbage.   And we win because we're creating healthy gardens at Jackman.

Now, the City of Toronto has invited schools to participate in the green bin organic waste program.   We call this our City Compost!   At Jackman, we are now asking everyone to stop throwing their paper towels and tissues in the garbage and put them in the city compost bins instead.   Simple.

Please Note:  We don't want kids to put their fruit in there.   They should save fruit and veggie scraps for our garden compost.   And we don't want kids to put their uneaten lunch food in there.   That's just wasteful.   "Just eat it" is our motto.   We're targeting paper towels and tissues in our city compost program.   In the near future, we'll also add city compost containers to the washrooms at Jackman.  

So, everyone now knows the difference between these two waste reduction programs. It's easy.  Here's a quick review...
Garden Compost... City Compost.  
Making less garbage is Jackman's eco goal.  Our Garden Compost and City Compost programs helps us accomplish that.   It's a small thing we can do to make a big difference.   Let's do everything we can to make less garbage.