March 21, 2017

It's Time For... MAPLE SYRUP

Here's some BIG news...

We’ve collected more than 200 L of maple sap from Jackman’s maple trees.  Wow!   That’s a lot of sap.  Twice as much as last year. Thank you to teachers and kids in rooms 209, 211, 102, 313, P1, P2 and 201 – you have become our sap collecting experts. Check out our sap collection journal  Sap Collection!

And now for some BIGGER news…

On Friday, we’ll be ‘sugaring’ at Jackman.   We will be boiling the sap down throughout the day to make… MAPLE SYRUP. :-)   

You are invited to drop by to see our maple syrup making in action and to taste this sweet treat for yourself.  Maybe stay for a few minutes to learn about making maple syrup.  We're excited about providing Jackman with this unique 'outdoor education’ experience.     

Darwin is already ‘sugaring’ (in his backyard).  Rolf is sugaring too.   We’ll have lots of maple syrup ready for tasting.  Also, a number of Jackman parent volunteers are making small pancakes to pair with our freshly made maple syrup.  There will be pancakes for EVERYONE!   Yeah!  And there’s nearly 700 kids at Jackman… that’s a lot of pancakes.   We could use a few more pancake making chefs.   Are you up for the job?   Let us know.