April 11, 2017

Earth Week @ Jackman

Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22… but at Jackman, we’ll be celebrating ALL WEEK LONG!!!  

We’ll share eco-friendly ideas with each other. We’ll think and talk about our responsibility to take care of our precious earth.  We’ll make goals to do whatever we can to conserve energy & minimize waste.  

Join us for these exciting Earth Week events - 

Tuesday - It’s time to play everyone’s favourite game… BINGO!  Of course, this game will be eco-themed.  Join the game in GPR at noon.   Good luck and have fun!

Wednesday - Plant a Seed and take it home so you can watch it grow.  Join us in the GPR at noon to get your seed started.   

Thursday - Be inspired while you watch the LORAX on the BIG screen!  Join us in the GPR at noon for this classic Dr. Seuss story. 

Friday - Put your creativity to the test.  Make an Earth Day Craft at noon in the GPR.  Then take it home to share with your family and friends.  

Friday will be very busy because we'll also have our annual Earth Day Assembly.   Oh, and don't forget the Community Clean Up.   You and your class will conquer the neighbourhood to rid it of litter.

I'm sure you'll agree... it's one incredible week!  It should help you get ready for Saturday's big day - Earth Day!   Happy Earth Day to Everyone!  Enjoy this special day with your family and friends.

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