December 06, 2017

Recycling... Get it Right!

I came home from school yesterday and found a letter in the mail from the City of Toronto.   I momentarily panicked thinking it was a notice about increased taxes, an unpaid parking tickets or another issue.

Instead, I read a plea to the residents of this city to recycle properly.  Apparently, there's too much contamination in Toronto's recycling system.   Too many people recycling the wrong things.  And it's costing the city millions of dollars.  The letter explained the problem thoroughly and made several suggestions to help Toronto residents get it right.   

Oddly enough, Jackman's eco team conducted a waste audit today.  And after we sorted through the garbage, we took a close look at 1 day's worth of recycling at Jackman.  And guess what we found?!?!   Lots of papers, lots of plastics and... very little contamination!  Just one apple core, a couple snack wrappers, two pieces of black plastic, 1 Dixie cup, and 2 unrinsed containers. Not much contamination at all.  Just a few adjustments away from becoming recycling experts.

Keep up the good work, Jackman!

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