August 25, 2018

What's For Lunch?

What’s for lunch?   A familiar question.  And making school lunches and snacks is now on everybody's mind.   

Do you need some new ideas for school lunch and snacks?  Well, look no further.  We've created a special blog to help with that.  We've got lots of waste-free lunch and snack ideas.  We've posted lots of tasty, kid-friendly recipes. 

At Jackman, we believe that homemade food is tasty, healthy and best of all… it's waste-free!  What are you waiting for... check out our blog today.   

Bookmark it on your home computer.  Or consider subscribing so you get an email alert every time we post something new.   

"What's for lunch?" is the question.   At Jackman, we've got the answer!

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