January 11, 2016

Battery Blitz

Pop Quiz!!!   
How should you dispose of your stockpile of used batteries?
a)  in the garbage can, with the rest of your trash?
b)  in the recycling bin, with cans, bottles & papers?
c)   just stash them away in some deep, dark corner of your home?
d)  drop them off at Jackman?

The correct answer is...  d).  Drop off your used batteries at Jackman for two  whole weeks (Thursday, January 21, 2016 until Thursday, February 4).  We are participating in a ‘Battery Blitz’ contest with other GTA schools.  The school who collects the most batteries (by weight) will win a whole school pizza party!  You can do it Jackman!   

We have joined forces with local organizations, Earth Rangers and Call2Recycle.  We want to remind everyone that batteries should not be trashed.   They should be recycled!   Problem is, they cannot be recycled in the regular city recycling program   They need to be saved and dropped off for special recycling.   Let's all do our part to keep batteries out of our landfills.  

For more information about what can and cannot be recycled, go online and check out Toronto’s Waste Wizard.