January 24, 2016

Earth Rangers

On Thursday, Jackman hosted an Earth Ranger Assembly.   Earth Rangers is a kids conservation organization, working to educate and inspire kids to protect our world's animals.   Throughout the assembly, our hosts, Becca and V, introduced us to their animal friends... a Tegu Lizard, an American Kestrel, an Armadillo and a Harris Hawk.  These are some remarkable animals with some fascinating characteristics.

Our Earth Ranger hosts also helped us learn about some amazing things people are doing to protect wild animals, like, the Wildlife Corridor Project and the Save the Salmon Project.  We learned how habitat loss is the biggest threat to our world's animals.  We were inspired to take action to protect animals.  

"When we all work together, we can do some pretty amazing things for animals."

Earth Rangers is working hard to 'Bring Back the Wild."  This year, they are focused on saving these four animals... Peregrine Falcons, Little Brown Bats, Wolverines and Cold-Water Coral.   Check out the Earth Rangers website for more information and to see how you and your family can get involved.