February 27, 2016

Boomerang Lunch

You know what a boomerang is - a flat, curved, wooden devise.   When thrown, it returns to the thrower.  

But do you now what a boomerang lunch is?   A BOOMERANG LUNCH is a child’s lunch, sent to school (by well-meaning parents) that returns to the child’s home.  

Jackman fully supports a boomerang lunch program.   Here’s why…

1. Instead of ‘throwing away’ the uneaten lunch food (example: a banana), kids are asked to hold onto it for later (...maybe for recess or after school).  No food is wasted.  Perfect!  

2.  Kids are also asked to take home uneaten food (example: a ham & cheese sandwich).  This is done to spark a family conversation about lunch food likes and dislikes.  Changes may be needed.  Long term outcome… less food waste.  Great!  
3. Also, any packaging that is used for lunches is sent home.  There are no garbage cans, recycling bins or compost bins available for kids in the lunch rooms.   It should spark another family conversation about the garbage.  Littleless lunches are the right thing to do.  How litterless are your lunches?

Over the years, we’ve collected data about the waste we have created at Jackman.   Year after year, the data confirms this... food and food packaging are the biggest concerns.   At Jackman we’re working to change that. 

Boomerang lunch is a good thing… the right thing to do.   Let's commit to creating less waste.