February 16, 2017

CN Tower Climb

Here's a great opportunity for Jackman families. Join Jackman's Eco Team on Saturday, April 8th as we climb 1776 stairs to the top the CN Tower. This special event is organized by WWF... World Wildlife Fund. The funds raised during this climb will be used to support Canada's wildlife and their habitats. But wait, there are 3 rules!
#1 - Kids have to be at least 3½ feet tall to climb,
#2 - Kids under 12 years old need an adult to climb with them,
#3 - Every climber (kids and adults) need to fundraise at least $100 for WWF.
Interested? Want to sign up? It's easy. Go online to register. Here's the link... wwf.ca/cntower. Choose Saturday's Public Climb. Select 'Join a Team'. Search for 'Jackman Eco Team'. Make a fundraising goal ($100... or more). Then follow through with the registration requirements. The adult in the family should sign up first and then add family members. Once registration begins, start fundraising. Contact your relatives, your neighbours and other people you know. You'll reach your fundraising goal before you know it.

Got questions? Email the team captain, Mr. Cressman. And continue to follow this blog for updates about Jackman's climbing adventure.