February 22, 2017


Have you heard?  We have a massive problem on our hands… Black Plastic!!! We heard that black plastic is not recyclable in Toronto!  First, we got ANGRY.  Then we got SAD.   Could it be true?   We investigated this problem some more and now we know… it is TRUE!  Black plastic CANNOT be recycled!  And you may have noticed, black plastic is EVERYWHERE!  It’s found in places like...
  • Grocery Stores.
  • Garden Centers.
  • Restaurants.  And more.

So, what should we do?  Let’s consider the three Rs.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Our first solution is REDUCE!  That means, stop buying things packaged in black plastic.  Stop shopping at places and eating at restaurants that use lots of black plastic packaging.   Problem solved!

But if that doesn’t work, try to REUSE.   Reusing black plastic is easy.   Just wash it and use it for something else... 
  • Store your lunch in it.
  • Store other foods in it.
  • Use it to hold small objects, like toys or pencils for example

The possibilities are endless!  

As you heard, we can't RECYCLE black plastic, so there’s no talking about that!   And we certainly don’t want to send black plastic to the LANDFILL.   That wouldn’t be good.   So that means reducing and reusing are our only options.  It’s time we all reconsider black plastic.  Making eco friendly decisions… it’s our responsibility.

Written by Ana and Allison, Jackman’s Eco Team