September 18, 2017

Bear Paws vs. Homemade Cookies

I did something this weekend that I've never done before.  I bought Bear Paws at the grocery store!!!   My kids used to ask for them and I always said, "No."   I baked them fresh cookies and brownies instead.  They didn't complain.

Lately, I've noticed a lot of Bear Paw wrappers at school.  In the school garbage cans, in the school recycling (even though they don't belong there) and littered all over the schoolyard. Sigh.   
I thought myself, "Maybe Bear Paws really are tasty.  Maybe I've been mistaken all these years. Maybe I should give them a try".   

So I bought some Bear Paws on the weekend and... YUCK!   I did not like them, not even a little bit.  Still, I thought... maybe it's just me.  Maybe I'm just too picky.  Maybe kids are different.  And right then and there, a new eco project was conceived.   

I brought some chocolate chip Bear Paws in to class today.   I also brought some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  This afternoon, I conducted a blindfolded taste test in class.   Everyone had a small taste of a Bear Paw cookie and a small taste of a homemade cookie.   Then they were asked, "Which cookie did you like best... cookie one or cookie two?"

And check this out... 24 people participated in the taste test (20 kids, 2 principals and 2 teachers).  Now check this out... everyone agreed... homemade cookies tasty better, way better!   No one chose the Bear Paw cookies... not one!  Now I know.

So, now I'm thinking... if more Jackman families switched to homemade cookies, their kids would be enjoying a tastier treat and our school would have a lot less garbage, a lot less litter and and a lot less recycling mistakes.  Win - Win.  

Stay tuned for cookie recipes and more.   More ways to make less garbage at Jackman.   

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