September 19, 2017

The JETs (Jackman's Eco Team)

Hey Kids!  We need your help!   We are looking for creative, committed, enthusiastic kids to get involved in Jackman’s Eco Team, a.k.a. the JETs.    

New this year - instead of one big eco team (that works hard all year long), we’re going to have lots of little eco teams that work on a specific project for about 4-6 weeks. 

And our first 3 teams are ready to begin.  Which project do you want to help with?
  • The Use-Less-Paper Team
  • The Waste-Free Lunch (and Snack) Team
  • The Walk-To-School Week Team

As usual, the JETs will meet at lunch on Wednesdays.  Talk to Mr. Cressman or Ms. Csamer if you want to get involved.   

Let’s make a difference in our school and community!

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