February 02, 2018

Super Power Your School - Part 2

Wait, there's more... the SuperPower Your School contest organizers also asked... "What is your school’s most important environmental project or program?"  Again, hard to put into 250 words, but here's what we came up with... 

"At Jackman, our schoolyard is wonderfully green.  It’s been years in the making and it’s still evolving, thanks to our dedicated Outdoor Environment Committee.  Our gardens are an important part of teaching, learning and playing.    
We have many distinctive gardens at Jackman.   There’s the ‘learning garden’, to grow beans, potatoes, squash and more.   There’s the ‘butterfly garden’, to attract butterflies and other pollinators.  There’s the ‘peace garden’, to encourage peace in our world.  And then there’s the ‘maze’, everyone’s favourite gathering space.  “Meet me in the maze,” is a familiar expression at school.  Even Jackman’s roof is a garden… our infamous ‘green roof’.  
Did you know… we make our own compost at Jackman?   We save apple cores, banana peels and other fruit and veggie scraps to create rich soil for our gardens.   
But wait… there’s more.   The best thing about our schoolyard is the trees.  At Jackman, we love trees!  And we’ve got lots of them.  They provide us shade in the summer (and plenty of leaves to rake in the autumn).   They add so much beauty to our schoolyard.  
We love all of our trees.  Still, we have a favourite tree – the maple tree.   When winter turns to spring, we tap the maple trees right here in our schoolyard.   We collect sap and make maple syrup.   We host our very own Maple Syrup Festival, right here at Jackman.  Pancakes anyone? 
Jackman just wouldn’t be Jackman without our trees and gardens.  They make our school a wonderful place to be."
There you go... a unique response from a unique school.   

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