February 23, 2018

Yogurt Cup Recycling

At Jackman, the eco team is working hard to make sure everyone knows how to recycle properly.   Yet, there's still one problem that continues.  And the eco team has set out to change that.

You see, lots of kids bring yogurt to school.  You're probably thinking, "That's good... it's a reasonably healthy snack."   Problem is, kids don't know how to dispose of the yogurt packaging. 

Here's what you need to know...  
First of all, yogurt cups can be recycled!!!   Yeah!   But, there's a catch... the cups need to be rinsed first!   Actually, ALL containers should be rinsed before recycling.   We need to get better at this!

Food contamination in recycling is a big problem in Toronto.  Everyone needs to do their part to make Toronto's recycling program work.

Here's a poster that Eco Team kids created to inspire young recyclers.  Posters are now scattered throughout the school.   Let's hope it works!   Good work, Eco Team!

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