April 10, 2016

Earth Week @ Jackman

It's won't be long now. Earth Day is just around the corner. Of course, it's hard to do it all in just one day, so we'll be celebrating Earth Day for one whole week! Take a peek at what we're planning for Earth Week @ Jackman  April 18 to April 22, 2016!

Monday is Tree Day! What will they do with that old tree at the front of the school?  Today we’ll find out how an old tree can be re-used in many creative ways.

Tuesday is Water Bottle Day!  Which class has the most reusable water bottles?   Let’s do the math to find the most water-bottle-friendly class.  

Wednesday is Green Day!  You know it… Jackman is a ‘green’ school, in many ways.  Today, Jackman is getting even greener (on the inside).   

Thursday is Prize Day!  Will this be your lucky day?  Jot down your eco ideas on a special ballet and cross your fingers.  There are some great eco prizes to be won.  

And finally, Friday is Earth Day!  The day begins with an inspiring Earth Day assembly.  We’ll also participate in Toronto's Community Clean Up Project.  Let’s make our neighbourhood look great again.   

Looking forward to celebrating Earth Week with you!!!