April 18, 2016

The Giving Tree

Many years ago, my favourite poet, Shel Silverstein, wrote a story book called, "The Giving Tree."   This classic story chronicles the life of a tree and the sacrifices she makes for a boy over her lifetime.   Like me, many teachers read this book with their classes today.   

This story reminds me of one of Jackman's trees.  You know the one - the big, old tree at the front of our school.   It been a vital part of our community for decades.   It has greeted Jackman families for years.  It's given us so much beauty and shade.  We even tapped this tree a couple months ago to collect sap for maple syrup.  A very giving tree indeed.  

Unfortunately, this tree is unhealthy and unstable.  The city's forestry experts decided it was time to cut it down.    

Luckily, Jackman has some wonderful tree advocates.   We convinced the city's urban forestry experts to save the logs for us.  These logs have now become a part of Jackman's playground.  And the kids... they love it!  Our schoolyard has once again been updated with nature.   

Here are some pics of today's tree cutting event...