April 23, 2016

Toronto's Community Clean Up

Did you notice?  Our neighbourhood just got a face lift.  ;-)   Many Jackman classes participated in Toronto's Community Clean Up project!  Jackman kids were busy with cleaning up the litter in our community.  It was a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.  

Thank you, kids!  Our neighbourhood looks great once again.

Here's what the Jackman kids have to say about litter -
"Cigarettes!!!  Who gave smokers permission to litter their butts?"
"We did a good thing for the environment today."
"I was surprised to see how bad it was."
"Why do people litter anyway?"  
"People shouldn't be so lazy.  They should put litter in garbage cans."
"Sigh. I found so many coffee cups and lids."
"I found lots of water bottles and pop cans."
"One word.  Unacceptable."