September 17, 2016

Waste Reduction Information

I mentioned in a recent post that we need to educate ourselves about what can and cannot be recycled.  We're lucky to live in Toronto, a city that provides a lot of options for recycling.  Our city also has done well at communicating its waste reduction strategies.  There are two ways to obtain this information.  

The first is your Collection Calendar.   Did you think it was just a calendar?   It's actually a whole lot more.   It's full of interesting information about waste and recycling.   For example, inside your calendar, you'll find the 'Top Ten Blue Bin Sins'.  Maybe you participate in one of these recycling sins and it's time to change.  There's also a full colour recycling poster in the centrefold.   Post it in your house today.   And put your Toronto Waste Collection Calendar on your reading list.  There's so much to learn.  

Toronto also has a great online resource to help us learn about proper sorting of our waste.   It's called, Waste Wizard.   Just type in the name of a waste item that you are questioning and, like magic, it will tell you where it belongs.  For example, if you typed in toothbrush, you would discover that it goes in the garbage can.   And if you typed in shampoo bottle, it would advise you to rinse it out and recycle it.   It's an easy-to-navigate waste reduction tool.   Bookmark it on your computer today.  And tell your family, friends and neighbours about it.   We need everyone participating in waste reduction.  It's the right thing to do.  

Here's the waste wizard link...   Toronto's Waste Wizard