May 31, 2017

Bike To School Week - Update

Another Bike To School Week is in full swing at Jackman.   And it's been a huge success.  

On Monday, 110 bikers made their way to school (in the rain).   

On Tuesday, the promise of home-baked muffins attracted 170 bikers (even with threat of more rain).

And on Wednesday, an impressive 200 riders packed their bikes and scooters into Jackman's bike racks.  

On Thursday, we had a record 220 bikers at school.   The bike racks were jam packed.   

Finally, on Friday, there were 210 bikers.   All in all, a great bike week.  

But let's not stop at one week, keep on biking.   It's a sustainable way to get around.   

Here are some pics from the week's events...

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