May 16, 2017

Bike To School Week

There’s nothing better than biking to school.  It’s lots of fun.  It’s great exercise.   It’s eco-friendly.  Yep, it’s GREEN!   Just leave the car at home.  Bike to school (or scooter or skateboard) during Jackman’s Bike To School Week, May 29  June 2.  You can participate in these great events (rain or shine).

Monday ⇨ Stickers!  Bike to school on Monday morning and get a cool bike sticker to wear.  Then everyone will know that you love biking. 

Tuesday ⇨ Breakfast!  Bike to school on Tuesday morning and enjoy a tasty mini-muffin.  Biking and baking… a great way to start your day.

Wednesday ⇨ Decorate!  Bike to school on Wednesday morning to make your bike look cool.  Come early so you have enough time to decorate.

Thursday ⇨ Create!  Bike to school on Thursday morning and create some bike art.  Come to school early so you have enough time for this craft.

Friday ⇨ Prizes!  Are you feeling lucky?  Bike to school on Friday morning and enter a draw to win some cool bike prizes. Good luck!

P.S.   Did you know?   There are two new bike racks on the south side of the kindergarten playground.   

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