May 09, 2018


Wow!  Bag2school was a big success.  So many Jackman families participated.  They dropped off their bags of unwanted clothing and textiles at school this morning.  

The bag2school truck arrived at 12:30 and the eco team helped load hundreds of bags onto the truck.  Thanks eco team!  

In the end, our donation was weighed to discover that we had... drum roll please... a whopping 1438 kilograms!  

That's a lot of textiles diverted from landfill.  Our campaign motto has been... "REUSING and RECYCLING is WAY better than landfill."   But do you know what's better than reusing and recycling?   REDUCING!   Maybe our community needs to commit to reducing the number of textiles we purchase.   

One things for sure, we'll 'bag2school' again next year!  Here are some pics of today's event, so find a little corner in your basement where you can store unwanted textiles for next year's event.  Here are some pics of today's bag2school event:

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