May 22, 2018

Energy Audit

Hey Jackman… did you know that our Eco Team has been secretly monitoring our school’s energy use over the last 4 months?!?!?

We found that many classrooms were doing a good job of keeping their lights and electronics off when not being used… but still, the third floor was having some trouble.

We decided to check again and we noticed the same thing.  So we decided to make some school announcements.  We also left ‘friendly reminder’ notes in some classrooms.  We hoped that would make a difference.

You know what?  It did.   Well, sort of.  We did another check and noticed that many classes were doing better BUT the third floor still had lights on in many empty rooms.

We wondered why this continues to be a problem.  And soon we realized that third floor students are now eating lunch in their classrooms.  It’s likely that no one has been given the responsibility of turning the lights out.

This is an easy fix... third floor classes can assign a student to be the ‘lights off’ monitor (and lunch supervisors can double-check). 

By working together, we can make a difference in our energy behaviour.    WE can do this, Jackman!

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