May 01, 2018

Earth Week Wrap Up

That's a wrap... Earth Week at Jackman was a big success!   

Monday was for sidewalk chalk drawing... but with the ground covered in snow and ice, we decided maybe it would be best to save the chalk drawing for another eco event. 

On Tuesday, kids planted sunflower seeds in tiny pots.  They took their seeds home to care for them and watch them grow.   

On Wednesday, kids played eco- inspired games. There was  Bowling, Ball Toss, Beach Balls, Parachutes, Waste Sorting Relays and Bubbles!   Fun had by all!

On Thursday, we hosted a pollinator picnic, sharing fresh fruit and veggie snacks with each other.  Needless to say, the food was devoured!   A special 'shout-out' to the bees who made this all possible and to the parents who donated food for our event.   ;-)

Thursday was also our Earth Day assembly.   The whole school enjoyed a skit performed by Jackman's eco team.  They were inspired by Mr. Cressman's speech - encouraging kids to take action to heal the earth.   Mr. Cappel also led us in a sing-along of Big Yellow Taxi - amazing!

On Friday, kids made some fridge magnets with "Every day is Earth Day" messages.  Now families will be reminded to be eco all year long!  

Friday was also the day for our community clean up.   We scoured the neighbourhood looking for litter to pick up.  Thanks to all the classes who participated.  

Now you know, Earth Week at Jackman was jam packed full of engaging activities.  

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