April 24, 2018

An Eco Team Story to Share With You

Here's a story for you.  Jackman's eco team was busy preparing for Earth Day.  The eco team kids really wanted to perform a skit at the Earth Day assembly.  So, they got right to work and wrote a great script... a story about a sick Earth interacting with two caring nurses.  So I said, "Nurse costumes... no problem.  We can figure that out.  But an Earth costume?!?!   That's kind of hard, don't you think?"   Still, the kids were determined.   So we investigated online, and since it's not Halloween, there weren't many Earth costumes available to purchase.  Still not giving up.  We investigated online some more and figured out that we could make our own Earth costume.  All we needed was a big balloon (and I mean BIG), lots of newspaper, some paper mache and some blue and green paint.  We gathered the materials and got right to work.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.  

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