April 24, 2018

Bye-Bye Litter

Bye-bye litter!   Hello clean neighbourhood!  Once again, Jackman participated in the annual Toronto Community Clean Up.  Many classes... hundreds of kids... helped clean up our community by picking up the litter on local streets. 

Look at what we discovered...

- too many smokers are littering their cigarette butts and cigarette packaging (sigh)
- we found lots of single serving beverage containers like water bottles, cans, coffee cups, soft drink cups (these could have/should have been recycled)
- we picked up lots of dirty papers (too dirty to recycle)
- there was also lots of plastic bags (possibly blown around by the wind)
- we even found... a broken bike lock, a bottle of motor oil, some house shingles, some gloves, a dirty diaper and someone's lunch (strange, but true)
We wish our world could be litter free, but until it is, we've got a job to do and we're happy to pitch in.     Check out these litter picking pics...

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