April 08, 2018

Earth Week @ Jackman

EARTH DAY is on SUNDAY, APRIL 22… but at JACKMAN we’ll be celebrating ALL WEEK LONG!!!  Earth Week is April 16 - 20, 2018

Kids can get ready for EARTH DAY with these exciting lunchtime activities…

Monday - Let’s create Earth Day drawings and messages with sidewalk chalk.   We will inspire our school and neighborhood to be more eco-friendly.   

Tuesday - Plant a seed, then take it home.   You can watch it grow from a tiny seed… into a young seedling… into a beautiful flower!

Wednesday - Meet us in the schoolyard at lunch today and participate in some exciting Earth Day games.   It’s going to be a whole lot of fun!
Thursday - Bees are Important for our gardens and farms.   So, we’re hosting a pollinator picnic.   Come enjoy some fruit and veggie snacks.  Healthy and waste-free.

Friday - Make your fridge happy with a new fridge magnet!  Make an Earth Day fridge magnet at lunch today.   Inspire your family to ‘Make Every Day Earth Day’.

It’s looking like another amazing week at Jackman!

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