April 22, 2018

A Call to Action

(An excerpt from Mr. Cressman's Earth Day speech)

Have you heard?   Our Earth is sick.  It’s been sick for a while now.   And something’s got to be done.  Who’s going to give the Earth some well needed TLC?

Scientists have learned that it’s people who are making the earth sick.   Yep, it’s our actions that are impacting the Earth’s health.  So, if people are causing the problem… shouldn’t people be creating the solution?  It’s time for people to take some actions to heal the earth.   

And when I say people, I mean YOU!!!!   Yes, kids like you, can be the leaders of environmental change.   Kids like you can take action to heal the earth.  There are lots of ways you can take action at home, at school and in the community.  You see, if there are lots of people doing small actions, it actually makes for a BIG change.  

And I believe… when kids take action… everyone listens.   Who’s going to say no to a cute kid?   It’s true.  Here are 3 inspiring stories for you…
In 2013, Carly, Jamie, Connor, Quintin, Bryn and Olivia from Jackman’s Eco Team took on Toronto city hall.   They looked at a common plastic container and asked, “Why can’t it be recycled?   Kids wrote letters to the mayor and city counsellors, and guess what…  the city listened.   The recycling program in Toronto changed, all thanks to Jackman’s Eco Team kids. 

In 2017, Eve and Mya, grade 6 students in Calgary took on Starbucks.   They looked at a coffee cup, and asked, “Why can’t this be recycled?”  They actually created their school science fair project about coffee cup waste.  And of course, they got an A!   But better yet… Starbucks listened.   Starbucks is now committed to developing a better coffee cup, one that can be recycled.   And they promised to share this new cup technology with other coffee chains.
In 2013, Melati and Isabel took on their country.   Yep, their whole country.  They encouraged the government in Bali to ban plastic bags.   And guess what?   Bali listened… the official ban is beginning this year.  It’s time for Canada to take action on plastics, don't you think.   Check out Melati and Isabel in this inspiring video…  Bye Bye Plastic Bag

Did you hear that?  Find that ‘thing’ that you are passionate about and GO FOR IT  You know me… I’m passionate about reducing garbage… what are you passionate about?  Whatever it is, you can turn your passion into action.  Read about it, talk about it, research it, educate yourself, become the expert.  But don’t stop there.  Take action.  Do something about it.  The world is waiting to hear from you.  And like I said, when cute kids speak up… everyone listens!  

I can feel it.   Change is coming!   Our Earth is starting to feel better again!  Thanks to kids like you!

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