July 13, 2016

Fresh From the Farm

Ah... summer in Ontario!   Isn't it great?   I love all the fresh produce from local farms available in stores and markets around the city.  There are many reasons to buy local food.   First of all, fresh local food tastes great.  Admit it. Cause it's true.  And just think... it didn't travel far to get from the farm to your plate.  It's an eco friendly way to eat.   Here's a link if you're ready to discover more reasons to buy local food.   

10 Reasons To Buy Local Food

This past weekend, instead of buying local produce here in the city, I went to a farm just outside the city - a Pick-Your-Own farm.  We went to Whittamore's Farm for strawberry picking.  We drove there from downtown in just 30 minutes.  We picked berries for a couple of hours.  It was a great way to get our strawberry fix.   

And of course, we've been eating strawberries all week long!  Strawberries on pancakes, strawberries on ice-cream, strawberry tarts, strawberry smoothies.  And of course I made 16 jars of strawberry jam (just like my mom used to make - the jam tradition continues).  The kids and I love homemade jam.  There's nothing like it.  I froze a bunch of berries too.  Well be enjoying these berries all year long.   

Next weekend, maybe we'll do it all over again with raspberries.   Yum!