July 06, 2016

Waste Wizard

Ever wonder what to do with your waste?  Does it go in the garbage (Is it destined for a landfill?)  Can it be recycled?   Is it compostable?  Do I put it in my green bin?  Never fear... the Waste Wizard is here!   Yes, Toronto has it's very own waste information website with answers to all your waste questions. Here's the link... bookmark it today...  

Just type in your query and the Waste Wizard will tell you where it goes.  Here's an example... many people are unsure about disposable coffee cups.  If they asked the Waste Wizard, their question would be laid to rest. They'd discover that coffee cups go in the garbage.  They'd also learn that non-black coffee lids and paper sleeves can be recycled.  Here's another example... many kids want to know what to do with their snack wrappers.   The Waste Wizard will assure them that candy wrappers, chocolate bar wrappers and granola bar wrappers unfortunately go in the garbage.   

There's no more confusion.  The Waste Wizard will help you sort your waste with ease.