July 08, 2016

More Thoughts about Black Plastic

Yesterday we learned about a big recycling problem... black plastic containers cannot be recycled!    And unfortunately many restaurants use these containers for their take-out orders.

Today, I'm realizing that restaurants aren't our only problem.  Many grocery stores are using black plastic containers too.   Fresh meat is often packaged with black plastic  or styrofoam trays.  (Yes, even black styrofoam cannot be recycled.)  There's also fruit, veggie and cheese trays.  Even frozen food entrees come often use black plastic containers.  There's no escaping black plastic.   And no recycling it either!  :-(

We need to be more mindful about what we buy.  We should think twice before buying something found in black plastic packaging.  

Also, it's time to let the grocery stores and food manufacturers know that we disapprove of their packaging practices.  It's time for them to make better packaging decisions.